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What We Do

At the Center Against Racism and Trauma, we empower individuals, communities and governments to help unshackle systems from their racist and discriminative roots.


We believe systems change, community action, and youth engagement are essential in creating real social change. We provide racial equity tools and resources that help support policy makers in making more enlightened decisions while encouraging individuals to take action through community action days. Our priority is our people, making our resources available to those who need them.

Who We Are

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Executive Director
Janice Rooths, MBA

Why the Inland Empire

Although there are many national and state-level anti-racist institutions in the United States, none of them cater to the specific needs of the Inland Empire (IE). CART is the only central hub that offers anti-racist resources and consultation for transformative change in this area. Our dream is for all the communities in the Inland Empire to be taken care of in legislation and services that are equitable for everyone while pushing their dignity and humanity forward.

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