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Hold Bloomberg Accountable

In a recent CNN article entitled Michael Bloomberg and the tradition of expecting black forgiveness by Brandon Tensley, announces that former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is now running for President of the United States. However, he hopes that his most racist and destructive “Stop and Frisk” policy will be forgiven by the Black Community. To ensure that people fully understand the policy and the context of Black forgiveness, let me first outline the racist policy of Michael Bloomberg.

New York City’s, stop-question-and-frisk program, or stop-and-frisk, is a New York City Police Department’s practice of temporarily detaining, questioning, and at times searching civilians on the street for weapons and other contraband. This is what is known in other places in the United States as the Terry stop. The rules for stop, question, and frisk are found in the state's criminal procedure law section 140.50, and are based on the decision of the US Supreme Court in the case of Terry v. Ohio.

In 2016, 12,404 stops were made. The stop-and-frisk program has previously taken place on a much wider scale. Between 2003 and 2013, over 100,000 stops were made per year, with 685,724 people being stopped at the height of the program in 2011. The program became the subject of a racial profiling controversy. The vast majority, 90% in 2017, of those stopped were African-American or Latino, most of whom were aged 14–24. Furthermore, 70% of all those stopped were later found to be innocent. The racial disparity persists even after controlling for precinct variability and race-specific estimates of crime participation. This has had a devastating effect on communities of color.

What Michael Bloomberg is hoping is that he can rely on the sacred practice of Black forgiveness to gain their vote. However, what most people don’t understand (even other African Americans) is that forgiveness does not mean that they will not be held accountable. Forgiveness is important and is even a sacred gift that African Americans have given to the world. That is why people of African descent, are the consciousness of the world. But that doesn’t mean Bloomberg gets a pass.

Bloomberg must be held accountable for the destruction he has created that has been fueled by Racism! When he was at his most powerful point in his political life, he chose racist destruction instead of righteous healing and building. He cannot be trusted with the presidency. The Black Community must not forget or be bought.

Mayor Bloomberg, you are forgiven, but you will be held accountable. Your racism will be your legacy. You will not be President.

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