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Our Crime Against Humanity

Throughout my childhood, until this very day I remember being in classrooms and community discussions talking about the horrors of slavery, Native American forced relocation, the Holocaust, Rwanda and Japanese internment camps. Without fail, everyone would agree that if we were alive during those times as adults, we would do something about it. Then it hit me (while eating my horrifically saturated popcorn with butter that hurts so good while watching Godzilla) that such a horrific event is upon us today, yet few are doing anything about it. Thousands of immigrant brothers and sisters in humanity are being caged up, abused, and dying in American facilities, two of which are in the Inland Empire “progressive California.” Yet few are doing anything of significance about this crime against humanity. My greatest fear is that my kids and grand kids will ask me what I did when I saw this happening? I would be ashamed.

Now I can just envision one of my ignan’t friends (you know who you are), trying to explain that they have had no part in this atrocity. Newsflash! All that money being taken out of yo paycheck is paying for this abuse and death. We must ask ourselves: Is this ok?? If all we say is, “man that’s jacked up” but do nothing else, their blood is on our hands. Sorry not sorry. So what can you do? I’m glad you asked. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Find and contact your member of and demand that they do whatever it takes to shut down these facilities.

  2. Participate or organize a protest outside of one of these internment camps.

  3. Vote for anyone but this President.

Pushing Humanity and Dignity Forward,

Corey Jackson, Jernine Williams, and S.R. (Because of Racism) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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